3 Reasons Why Wanting is Not Enough


Everyone wants their slice. The main idea behind starting your own business is the sense of freedom it represents. Independence, shortly followed by job satisfaction and the freedom to make their own decisions, were cited as the top draws for entrepreneurs, in a recent study by Forbes.

Today the internet provides more opportunities than ever before to start a digital business, at a fraction of the cost. More people are beginning to pursue the path of entrepreneurship to break free from the traditional ways of living.

Why do so few succeed?

Because freedom comes at a price. It is often paid for in the early hours of the morning and deep into the night. Freedom cannot be bought once, it is paid for every day until the day you no longer want it.

1. It takes good old hard work

Thought you worked hard at your traditional job? Be prepared to work even harder. When you choose entrepreneurship as your path to freedom, forget about the 9 to 5. Expect to adopt a 5 to 9 instead.

The reality is always a little less glamorous than what the poster suggests. Unless of course, you actually love working hard and building your empire.

Don’t expect to quit your day job from day one either. Putting in a double shift will quickly become the new norm. Unfortunately, you don’t get paid by the hour.

Whatever your expectations of stating your own business are, be prepared to dig in.

2. It takes patience

It takes 10 years to become an overnight success.

More than anything, the internet has brought us speed. Unfortunately, the age of the digital start-up has brought along severely misguided assumptions on the amount of time required to succeed. Lasting success is built on persistence over long periods.

Too often, start-up entrepreneurs are lured into the grind with unrealistic expectations. The vision of the freedom you are working towards should always remain at the forefront, providing fuel for your actions. Don’t strive for results, aim for constant progress instead.

Be patient and keep working hard. Remember that the freedom to live life on your terms is something you have to pay for every day. The financial rewards will come, eventually.

3. It takes consistency

Ever seen Shawshank Redemption? There is only one way Andy was able to dig a tunnel through a prison wall with nothing but a small pick.


The only way to ensure a consistent income as an entrepreneur is by taking consistent action. Making small, daily steps towards your goals are worth immeasurably more than the occasional splurges of intensity. Consistency form habits. Habits determine results.

Expect our results to pay off gradually over time, lagging behind your actions. The more consistent you were in the months leading up to “payday”, the more consistent the results will be coming in.

Do you have what it takes to find freedom?

The next time you think of how badly you want to get rid of your job, remember that wanting is not enough. Ask yourself if you’re willing to consistently work harder than you currently do, with no guarantee of any result, patiently waiting for your train to arrive, even showing up on the rainy days.

If not, don’t be late on Monday.

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